Advice to help enjoy the experience

Some recommendations to get the most out of your experience.

Choose the activities well

When you make the booking, you should bear in mind the characteristics and needs of the group: number of people, most appropriate time, type of show, ability to keep silent...

Apropa Cultura has a coordinator in every cultural centre to help you with the process of selection of activities and exhibitions.

We are here to help you make a good choice.

Go to the presentations

Before each booking period opens, the programmers present their programme to the centres that are registered with Apropa Cultura.

These events are exclusive to you. Take advantage of them to find out about the cultural offer first hand and solve doubts.

Calendar of programme presentations

Prepare the outing

In the details of each cultural centre you will find useful information for preparing the outing

  • Location map
  • How to get there
  • Conditions of accessibility

The information box for each show includes educative material and detailed information about the activity:

  • Dates
  • Length
  • Description
  • Classification by age

Check over your booking

A few days before the outing, check that the details of the application are correct: number of people, times… It is important to be punctual and notify reception when you arrive.

If there is any last minute change, contact the person in charge of the cultural centre!

Share your experience 

Culture is lived more intensely when it is shared. 

When you get back to your centre, talk together about how you feel. Look for videos and material related with the show to enrich your experience.

Help us to improve

We will send you a little survey to ask how you enjoyed the activity, what you liked, what could be improved, if you would like to come back again… All opinions are important!

We also encourage you to leave your comments in the valuation survey.