Conditions of the programme

Here we explain everything you need to know in order to enjoy Apropa Cultura

How does it work? Who can register? How much do the tickets cost?

This web is an online platform where coordinators, educators and directors of social centres can buy tickets that the cultural institutions have made available.

In other words, our programme is directed towards two types of entity:

  1. Social Centres – Entities that work with people at risk of social exclusion: people intellectual disability, mental health problems, physical disability or problems of drug abuse. Also people deprived of liberty, immigrants, children, adolescents, victims of gender violence and elderly people. 
  2. Promoters and cultural places - Theatres, concert halls, museums, festivals, cinemas, exhibition halls, cultural centres...

How to register if you are a social entity

To start booking tickets, you only have to follow these steps:

  1. Send us your application by filling in the Apropa Cultura registration form
  2. We will check your application in the central office to make sure that your centre can benefit from the programme.
  3. Once accepted, we will give you a rate category according to the nature of your centre.
  4. You can now begin to book tickets

How to join if you are a cultural promoter?

Would you like to offer a small part of your public capacity to people at risk of social exclusion? Great decision!

There are now more than 60 cultural promoters affiliated to the programme! 

The affiliation of new promoters is done in person. Please contact us and we will be delighted to visit you and explain the different quotas and ways of working together.


Are you not sure if it fits into the program?