Conference “Free from Stigma. Culture and Mental Health”

On Monday 23rd November a new Conference on Accessibility and Diversity addressed to professionals of culture was held. It was an online streaming conference via YouTube from the Monestir de Pedralbes. Following you can see the video. See the conference programme

What do mental health and culture have in common? Which opportunities offers culture to people living with a mental disorder?

It is well-known that culture is not only necessary but indispensable to our lives. Culture helps us build a healthy society, respectful and committed with people living in it.

During the conference we will hear professionals of social action and health who work from culture, arts and community. We will count on the participation of professionals of museums who create cultural projects and programmes along with Mental Health social entities. Persons who live with mental suffering will also participate to share their experiences, needs and wishes regarding culture.

This will be a conference full of personal and professional experiences to get to know and understand the Mental Health community, to work against stigma and generate new opportunities.

We will have the presence of social entities at our VIP row.


•    First-hand knowledge of the Mental Health community.
•    Understanding why culture is an active agent for Mental Health.
•    Learning from the experience gained in artistic projects linked to Mental Health out of a long way in Catalonia and Spain.
•    Creating durable bonds between the social and the cultural sectors.
•    Facilitating a space of meeting, empathy and action.


Addressed to professionals of cultural equipments and social entities.

In collaboration with:

Apropa Cultura amb el suport de:


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In collaboration with social entities and cultural equipments, a set of activities aiming at making the task carried out by such organisations visible as well as how culture can help to reach a more inclusive society has been designed.

These activities are addressed to professionals of cultural equipments and social entities. In each activity, a group of people will be created in order to share experiences related to women and culture.

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