Direct booking

1. Start your session

Before you begin to search the activities, start the session with the access code that you were given when you registered.

2. Look for the most suitable show or activity 

Use our search to find the cultural offers that better adapt to the characteristics of your group.  

You can search and filter the results by town, cultural centre, type of show or activity, date, time ... 

You can even save your searches and use them later on or print them to discuss them with your team.

Do you need help to choose ? Ask for personal assessment.

3. Go into the details of the activity 

Once you have found the performance or activity that attracts you most, go into its details to see a complete description, opinions of other users and information about accessibility, location ...

You can also consult a list of all the available sessions of the activity and the number of tickets available.

4. Book your tickets

When you have found your ideal session, click the ‘Book’ button. 

A form will open for you to fill in how many people will go to the activity or show, and the group’s mobility characteristics.

Once you have sent the form, your application will be registered and you will receive a mail with a summary of your booking.

This mail is not a final booking confirmation. Your application has to go through a process of assignment.

Warning: If the text "on demand" appears on the "book" button, it means that your reservation requires prior confirmation by the cultural centre.


5. Payment and booking confirmation

Once your reservation is accepted, you go through to the Payments and invoices section of your panel, and you generate the corresponding receipt.

The cultural centre will check the payments and your reservation will finally be confirmed.

You can see your confirmed bookings in the ‘My tickets’ section of your panel.

The next step is to go and enjoy the experience!

Waiting list

The waiting list is a resource for those groups that have arrived late when booking tickets for a cultural outing.

So, when you want to book an outing but there are no tickets available, you can join the waiting list.

Cultural centres manage the waiting lists as quickly as they can. This means that in a short time they will let you know whether they can accept your application or not.

This is a way to make a direct application to the cultural centre, which can sometimes offer more tickets.