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Apropa Cultura is a project that seeks to go further in the social world. We seek to reach the very heart of society. 

With the objective of giving visibility to the project, we organise since 2015 the Apropa Cultura Week. A campaign with activities all over Catalonia and a big impact on media.

Political representatives, educators and the Apropa Cultura team take part in the week, along with the users of the programme who, with their testimony, verify that culture can change lives.

Apropa Cultura Event 2020

26th October 2020

With the Apropa Event we want to give each group a leading role and this season we focus on Mental Health and all entities, associations and centres that work with the group.

The Apropa Cultura Annual Event was held on Monday 26th October at the CaixaForum Barcelona with the presence of all persons, programmers and entities who support the programme every year. See the video of the event.