Meetings to communicate

Events and meetings

Apropa Cultura is a project that seeks to go further in the social world. We seek to reach the very heart of society. 

To achieve this objective, we have organised an annual Apropa Cultura Week since 2015. This is a communication campaign that gives us broad coverage on television, radio and printed press throughout Catalonia.

Political representatives, educators and the Apropa Cultura team participate in the week, along with users of the programme who, with their comments, show us that culture can change lives.

Activities and proposals during the Apropa Cultura Week

  1. Press conference with the presence of representatives of: 
    • Cultural and social institutions 
    • Cultural Centres 
    • Social Entities 
    • Users and people in care 
  2. The cultural Centres participate using material marked with the identifying words Apropa Cultura. 
  3. There is a greater cultural offer for cultural entities that use Apropa Cultura. 
  4. Social networks are more active with posts about the outings being made by the social centres. 
  5. Crossroads: activities in which the cultural world and the social world come together directly, in crossover visits. 

And many more activities that go on throughout the year so that word about the programme spreads, and so that more and more social entities get to enjoy culture.