Reservation types

Booking through Apropa Cultura is very simple. Here we take you through the process of booking tickets. 

There are two ways of booking

Direct booking

You can use direct booking all through the year. This means that you can go into the search whenever you want, look for the activity that suits you most, and book it directly. 

Sometimes a cultural centre might ask you to make a booking on demand. In this case, the cultural centre will confirm the booking and then allocate the tickets to you. 

When a show has run out of seats, you can join a waiting list. The cultural centre will receive your application and will deal with it as soon as possible. 

Seasonal booking period

There are some periods in the year when the cultural centres present their programmes and offer tickets for the seasonal shows, which they allocate by lottery. 

To obtain some of these tickets you need to participate in the seasonal booking periods, and make a first selection of the activities you’d like.

Once the period of pre-selection has finished, the tickets will be allocated by lottery.

The system for allocating places has been designed to give as many tickets as possible to applicants, keeping in mind the priorities you chose in the pre-selection.

Direct booking

Here you make a direct application for the tickets to an activity or show.

Apart from their seasonal activities, the cultural programmers can leave booking application open throughout the year. 

This means you can make direct bookings for activities that you’d like without having to keep within the booking period.

Seasonal booking period

When you apply for tickets, you go through an allocation process.

Apropa Cultura uses a system of ticket allocation which is fair and transparent. All the social centres have the same opportunities. 

Each step of the process has specific calendar dates. Check them out!