Mental Health

Culture to recover the best version of yourself    

We address to persons belonging to the group who are assisted by entities or social services:
Residence homes
Day Hospitals
Mental Health Centre Service– CSMA CSMIJ
Pre-labour services
Housing and supervised flats
Day Centres
Labour Special Centres
Social Clubs
Associations of relatives

How can culture help persons who live with a mental health disorder?

  • Social relationships and friendship within a secure environment are favoured.
  • Theatre, music and arts generate positive emotions and nice souvenirs.
  • Cultural outings generate thrill, emotion and vitality to make up for the life project.
  • Theatre, exhibitions and concerts stimulate body, mind and soul. What is ludic becomes therapeutic. 


What does Apropa Cultura offer you?

  • Maximum price 3 € or reduced-price ticket per person.
  • Shows, concerts and exhibitions along the year at all hours, including mornings on working days.
  • Activities for all audiences as well as proposals which are particularly designed for persons who live with a mental disorder.
  • Accessible spaces for persons with reduced mobility.
  • We get adapted to your needs! Personalised advising, adaptation of needs and contents.
  • Artistic training for professionals of social entities.

Do you want to start enjoying Apropa Cultura?

Register and participate in the best cultural proposals! For any doubt, contact us