Persons with addictions

With culture I have retaken the taste for life!

Addressed to the group of persons who are recovering from a dependency
Day hospitals
Day centres
Therapeutic communities
Attention and Security Centres (CAS)
Labour centres
Therapeutic Flats
Socio-labour insertion programs
Outpatients treatment

How does culture improve welfare of persons with addictions?

  • Theatre, music and art connect ourselves to new healthy habits.
  • They facilitate social relationships and friendship within a confidence environment.
  • We get connected to our emotions and it helps us living with them.
  • Enjoying culture is part of the process to recover self-esteem, autonomy, personal development and insertion.

What does Apropa Cultura offer you?

  • Tickets at a maximum price of 3€ per person.
  • Shows, concerts and exhibitions along the year at all hours, including mornings.
  • Accessible spaces for persons with reduced mobility.
  • We get adapted to your needs! Personalised advising, adaptation of needs and contents.
  • Artistic training for professionals of social entities.

Do you want to start enjoying Apropa Cultura?

Register and participate in the best cultural proposals! If you have any doubt, contact us