Persons with chronic diseases

Culture makes us feel alive, it is the chocolate for the soul!

Which entities, centres and social services can benefit?
Welcome homes
Flats and residences
Patients associations

How does culture improve welfare of persons with chronic diseases?

  • Cultural outings generate thrill, emotion and vitality to get out of routine.
  • Theatre, exhibitions and concerts stimulate body, mind and soul. What is ludic becomes therapeutic.
  • Living a cultural experience helps us create new living ksdkjsdlkjksdfjklsad, making new friends and broadening horizons.

What does Apropa Cultura offer you?

  • Tickets at a maximum reduced price.
  • Shows, concerts and exhibitions along the year at all hours, including mornings.
  • Accessible spaces for persons with reduced mobility.
  • We get adapted to your needs! Personalised advising, adaptation of needs and contents.

Do you want to start enjoying Apropa Cultura?

Register and participate in the best cultural proposals! If you have any doubt, contact us