Regulations for social entities

Here you can find some rules and recommendations that will help you use the programme. Please read this information carefully so that you can enjoy the programme and use it with responsibility and respect.

Preparing the outing 

Before choosing the activities 

Every now and then the cultural centres organize events in which they present their programme and answer questions about the activities and shows. 

These events are exclusively for you. They help you to get more information about the shows and activities which are most appropriate for your needs. 

Take advantage of them to find out in person about the cultural offer and clarify your doubts. 

Make you choice!

How to make the most appropriate choice.

You will find a search button on our website which will help you to find the shows and activities that are available for booking. 

When you book tickets, you need to keep in mind the nature and needs of the group: number of people, most appropriate time, type of show, ability to keep silent, etc. 

Apropa Cultura has a coordinator in each cultural centre to help you throughout the activity selection process. 

How to book tickets

There are two ways of booking tickets: direct booking and seasonal booking periods. To find out more, consult How to book tickets.

When you make the ticket application, you must indicate your needs regarding accessibility. That way, your hosts will be able to attend you in the best possible way. 

Who is Apropa Cultura for?

Only people attended by a social centre and their carers are able to apply for tickets at an Apropa Cultura reduced price. 

Under no circumstances may a group be formed only by carers, whether volunteers, educators or families. 


Important information about payment 

To assure your tickets, it is very important that you make the payment for the tickets by the date set by the cultural centre.  

Remember to upload the payment slip to the ‘Payments’ box in your personal panel.

Preparation for the outing

You will find useful information in the description box of each cultural centre for when you prepare your outing. 

  • Location map
  • How to get there
  • Information about accessibility

Further detailed information about the activity can be found in the description box for each activity:

  • Dates
  • Length
  • Description
  • Age classification

In the days leading up to the outing, it is helpful to talk about it with your group: What place you are going to visit; who the artist is; what you are going to see …That way you will get more out of it! 

If you need help, remember that there is an Apropa Cultura coordinator in every cultural centre, who will be delighted to give you a hand with the preparation.

Don’t forget to check the booking

A few days before the outing, be sure to check that the application details are correct: number of people, times, etc. 

It is important to be punctual and to inform the reception or box office when you arrive.

Changes and unexpected matters

Any change, modification or cancelation of your booking must be notified to the cultural centre sufficiently in advance. The cultural centre is responsible for deciding the best thing to do in the circumstances. 

The day of the outing

Can the booking be cancelled the same day? 

If something unexpected happens at the last moment, please let the box office know and inform the staff of the cultural centre.

Also please inform the Apropa Cultura coordinator at the cultural centre. We will do our best to find an alternative, although it is not always possible.  

The cost of the tickets will not be reimbursed under any circumstances.

The tickets may not be resold

Resale of tickets is prohibited. If you have surplus tickets on the day of the activity, you must give them in to the ticket office. 

Arrive 30 minute early

For shows, you should arrive at least 30 minutes early in order to collet your tickets and find your seats without rushing. 

For museums, you should arrive early enough to leave your things in the lockers and get ready for the visit. 

Remember that there might be a queue to pick up tickets and you may need time to park. 


Remember that inside the theatres, museums and other cultural centres you are not allowed to eat or drink. 

During the show, you may only leave your seats when there is applause. Sometimes, if you leave the theatre hall, you will not be able to go back in.  

If you think someone in your group might need to leave the hall during the show, please inform the centre’s Apropa Cultura coordinator. 

After the outing

Share your experience!

Are you in the social networks? Share your experience with your followers. And don’t forget to mention the cultural centre!

Help us improve

After the outing, we will send you a short questionnaire about what you thought of the activity: what you liked most; what could be improved; if you’d like to repeat the experience … Every opinion counts!

The experience continues!

Once back at your centre, talk amongst each other about how you felt. Look for videos and material related to the activity so that you can enrich your experience.  
If you enjoyed it, do it again and go on another cultural outing

Would you like to recommend us?

Talk about the outing with colleagues and friends and with other social entities that still don’t know about the project. 

Recommend Apropa Cultura!