We are Apropa

At Apropa, the entire cultural offer is completely adapted to each group, both in contents and spaces, with morning and afternoon hours.

Apart from all regular programmes offers, Apropa has created a series of adapted workshops and activities for specific groups, where they can enjoy unique experiences designed for them.

Campaign Apropa 2020 / 2021 #LLIURES D'ESTIGMA

Each year, the Apropa Cultura campaign focuses on a specific group with the aim to make visible the benefits that access to culture has for such people.

The new Apropa Cultura Season focuses on Mental health and campaigns for a “free from stigma” society and cultural spaces.

This yearly subject aims at giving each group a particular and outstanding presence in the programme of different cultural equipments within Apropa Cultura, with either shows, exhibitions, talks, workshops, cycles or any other programmed activity.


Do you know the workshop "A Morning of Orchestra" for persons with intellectual disability? We invite you to see how our users talk about it.