Culture and Values. More than 10 years opening the doors of culture

Accessible culture is not charity, but dignity. It is emotion, creativity and health. It is transformative. Culture should be an everyday event for everyone.

Apropa Cultura was founded in 2006 with the aim of improving the lives of people in vulnerable situations through culture.

Art, theatre, dance, music ... Catalonia has an extraordinary cultural offer!

Thanks to the commitment of cultural programmers, institutions and patrons, people attended by organizations and social centres can enjoy unique places and experiences.

We open the doors of theatres, museums, concert halls and festivals around Catalonia so that these people have access to the regular programmes of activities. 

  • We are an inclusive network that unites theatres, concert halls, festivals and museums with entities in the social sector to make culture accessible.
  • We are aware that there are invisible cultural barriers. There are many people who find it difficult to go to the theatre or visit an exhibition, due to personal circumstances or health issues.
  • In order to eliminate these barriers, Apropa Cultura has been building up a network of cultural programmers since 2006, while offering training to social educators.
  • In other words: we make it possible for those people and institutions that wish it, to become more social.


More than 10 years doing Apropa Cultura

Apropa Cultura is a cluster of places, culture, training, workshops, conferences and all the initiatives that you can imagine, connecting together two principal concepts: people and culture. 

2006 - 2009
Where the project started | Music

Social entities showed a great interest in the concerts that l’Auditori scheduled during these years. L’Auditori Apropa was set up in response to this concern.

2010 - 2011
Apropa Cultura began | Theatre - Dance - Music

The desire of social entities to access the cultural offer was no longer sporadic. It was a reality, increasing year by year. In 2010 Apropa Cultura was set up, and worked with L’Auditori, the Teatre Nacional de Catalunya, the Mercat de les Flors and the Teatre Lliure.

2012 - 2015
Territorial expansion | Museums

During the 2012/13 season, new centres from around Catalonia joined the network. A year later, the museums began to offer their programmes through Apropa Cultura.

2016 - Now
Private Programmers | Singular spaces

Apropa Cultura incorporates some private programmers who begin to offer their usual programming. In July 2018, it already has more than 100 theaters, auditoriums, festivals, museums and singular spaces. There is more and more diversity, also on stage, and our passion for culture does not stop growing.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide a web platform that helps cultural centres and social entities to work together to promote social inclusion and transformation through culture.

Our Values

  • Dignity versus charity.
  • To promote the democratization of culture: the right to choose and to do so in advance.
  • To value culture: Free access is not the solution.
  • To promote social transformation through cultural outings.
  • To encourage participation in order to create common knowledge.

Lines of action

We promote access for users and professionals of social entities to the programmes of cultural centres: as general public or as participants in activities.

  • A single booking window, affordable prices, sessions of programme presentations, personalized advice, viewing of experiences / visits to websites.
  • Training about accessibility and inclusion designed for museum educators.
  • Diffusion of Apropa Cultura at third sector (TSO) meetings and congresses.
  • Accessibility. Coordination with the departments of culture and social services of public administrations for an inclusive culture, with the improvement of access to the culture of people in vulnerable situations.

We promote the use of the arts and culture in the day-to-day activity of social entities.

  • Face-to-face artistic training courses for educators / Network of practical resources / Choir for social educators / Advantages for educators / Educate with the Arts in your centre.

We raise public awareness of the right to culture while giving visibility to the socio-educational activity of cultural centres.

  • Annual publicity campaign about the project: Apropa Cultura Week

Our desire: To promote the social involvement of cultural centres.

  • Incorporation of more cultural programmers to attract diversity of audience.
  • Go beyond accessibility for those who already participate. Incorporate diversity in workers of cultural facilities. 
  • Encourage the participation of people with diversity as protagonists.

Apropa Cultura in numbers

  • +1.400different cultural events every season
  • +1.800social centres which work with people in a vulnerable situation
  • +90theatres, concert halls, museums and outstanding places in 20 areas of Catalonia
  • +170.000cultural experiences at shows, visits and workshops
  • +4.000registrations for "Educa amb l'Art" (Educate with the Arts) courses
  • +650registrations for the "Accessibility and Diversity day conference”